How to make green sauce

A bowl of salsa verde served with tortilla chips.

Green tomatoes



serrano chiles

salt to season


In a medium pot, bring the water to a boil, place the chiles, tomatoes and garlic to cook over medium heat for about 12-15 minutes. Or when the chilies and tomatoes are already soft and cooked. If you are using jalapeño peppers, remove the tomatoes as soon as they are cooked as jalapeño peppers take a little longer to cook. And continue cooking the jalapeño pepper for a few more minutes until it is well cooked.

Once all the ingredients are cooked, remove with a strainer and reserve ½ cup of the cooking water.

Place the chiles, tomatoes, garlic and onion in a blender, and blend until they form a sauce of uniform consistency. If you need more water, add some of the cooking water you reserved.

Serve the sauce in a container and season with salt to your liking.