is a distribution mechanism focused on traditional foods, especially of Mexican origin and especially of plant origin. Tradition, culture, ecosystem and sustainability are our priorities.

We buy the goods ourselves from the manufacturers. Part of the production is certified by the NoMonoculturessystem, which is based on the personal aval of the manufacturer's co-workers and clients. Unlike other certificates, obtaining a certificate is not conditioned by complex bureaucracy, lengthy procedure or costs, but by trust and long-term personal experience. The manufacturer obtains a certificate if the production comes from agricultural polycultures: the production comes from the forest.

In our view, the distribution of food produced in forests is one of the solutions to humanity's most pressing problems, including biodiversity loss and climate change. There doesn't seem to be too much time. If we as consumers do not learn to choose food according to the method of production, in a few years the planet will be parceled out, destroyed and sucked up.