Sustainable consumption

One way to deal with monoculturization of Earth is to consume and trade food grown in forests or in smaller areas in a nature-friendly way. The production on small scale in nature environment by personally known producers may not be the most efficient measure. However, it seems to be a simple common denominator for sustainability potential. People taking care of small production units embedded within nature are likely to be more careful, while nature benefits from diversity and there is a traceable human recommendation link. 

NM is a holarchic human network of confidence based on autonomous individual trust holons. The aim is to provide public information on food products produced with increased sustainable potential without complex certification burocracy.

The guarantor of the production mode of the Producer is always the Certifier. The Certifier is a traceable and identifiable human entrusted by the to emit certifications. If authorized by the Certification Board, the Certifier can open new holons and create new Certifiers in the chain of confidence.

If you want to become a certifier, write us to or to