DuoPack Smoked Chilli Chipotle and Chilli Del Arbol 100g


DuoPack Smoked Chilli Chipotle and Chilli Del Arbol 100g


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Medium hot chili peppers are characterized by a strong pleasant taste with deep smoky notes. These, despite the sweet smell, turn into an earthy burning that lasts for several minutes. Chipotles are hotter than, say, anaheim or poblano peppers, but milder than cayenne or serrano. Jalapeños are picked when they are still green. To make chipotles, they are allowed to ripen to a nice red color. They are collected only when they are almost dry. They are then placed on metal grates on which they are smoked. The result is dried, dark brown and smoky chili peppers. These peppers can be used whole, or as flakes or powder. Sometimes tomatoes, onions, spices and vinegar are added to them to create a sauce called "adobo".

Chilli del Arbol from central Mexico. Quite a bit. Rich taste, medium heat 50,000 SHU, ideal for meat dishes. Chili pepper from the Capsicum Annuum series originating from Mexico and Central America. Widely used in Mexican cuisine. Characterized by its spicy taste and rich aroma, chilies can be cooked or used raw, chopped, etc. Chiles de árbol are high in vitamins C and A and have been cultivated since pre-Hispanic times. The plant is taller than the average chilli and has long, thin fruits about 7cm long. After drying, it acquires a bright red color. It is usually used dry, although some gourmets prefer it fresh. This highly popular variety is often used in soups, salsas and sauces or eaten straight away. A highly flavorful variety that goes well with most of the wide selection of mild to medium hot Mexican dishes such as Chilli Con Carne. It can also be used in preserves. The pods are about 15 cm long and 4 cm wide. Chili peppers are rich in vitamin C and carotene ("provitamin A"), contain a number of B vitamins, vitamin B6 and are also very rich in iron, magnesium and potassium.

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