CacaOn Cube 5 raw cacao beans. Energy and attention. Theobromine!


5 raw cacao beans. Energy and attention. Theobromine!


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Hug for a theobromine-based boost. Criollo cacao from Mexico. Sun-dried, unpeeled, unroasted.

Theobromine is a bitter alkaloid compound found naturally in cocoa beans, tea leaves, and other plants. It belongs to the methylxanthine class of compounds, which also includes caffeine and theophylline. Theobromine is known for its stimulant properties and is often found in chocolate products. It has a similar but milder effect on the central nervous system compared to caffeine. Theobromine also has diuretic, vasodilator, and smooth muscle relaxant effects. It is toxic to some animals, such as dogs and cats, as they metabolize it more slowly than humans, leading to potential poisoning if consumed in large amounts.

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