Coffee LaProve from foggy rainforest, 250 g


Shade: pepper, vanilla, cedar. 100% ARABICA, Puebla México, 1200–1500 m.n.m.

Medium roasting, acidity balanced, medium sweetness


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Ideal preparation: french press, americano, espresso

Coffee trees grow in the shade of allspice, pink cedar and mahogany, and as the cooperatives say, the most expensive part of the plantation is the shade. Thanks to this strategy, deforested pastures have been afforested in the past and the original level of biodiversity has been restored to the mountains. Arabica coffee is grown on 1 ha fields on slopes with a slope of 30-60%, at an altitude of 1200 m above sea level, in a humid tropical rainforest growing on volcanic soils (Andosols, Acrisols, Luvisols), with average rainfall of 2250 mm and a temperature of ranging between 18 and 24oC. 

The plantations are certified in terms of organic production. Misty forests, also called tropical cloud forests, are habitats found in intertropical mountainous areas and are characterized by high levels of precipitation, humidity, mist, fog and high temperatures throughout the year. These ecosystems are, in fact, very vulnerable and are made up of a dense community of trees, consisting of plants of temperate and tropical origin, with a predominance of tropical flora. Orchids and ferns are a type of plant that is very abundant in these ecosystems. As these forests develop in areas exposed to dew or clouds at the flora level, the rate of sun exposure and thus water evaporation is reduced. In general, trees that grow in these forests have more superficial, shorter and heavier roots than trees that grow in areas with lower altitude and humidity

Coffee beans are dried in the sunlight, using the "dry method". 

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Coffee Diablo: Arabica with habanero is a fiery blend of Mexican Arabica coffee and Jaguar habanero. The finely ground chili adds a touch of heat to the rich nicotine flavor. Perfect for a bold and invigorating home coffee experience. Comes in a 250-gram pack.

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