Grasshopper salt & worm salt for mezcal and tequila: 2x100g


Salt with grasshopper or Grasshopper Salt aka Sal de Chapulin: Weight: 100 g Worm Salt: 100 g


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Worm salt: 100g, Agave salt or traditional seasoning for tequila, cocktails and salsa, dried worm (Tenebrio Molitor), Expiration 24 months, Country of origin: Mexico Ideal for cocktails: tasty spices, with fresh fruit, tequila, mezcal, micheladas or as an ingredient in traditional Mexican recipes. Margarita rim, mezcal and much more. An authentic Oaxacan or Mexican cocktail. It is used for exotic salads. Salt with locusts (Locusta Migratoria). Locusts have been consumed by Oaxacan people for thousands of years. The salt is a tasty mixture of chili peppers, chapulin (grasshopper) and salt. These ingredients are sourced and produced in the Oaxaca region of Mexico. Adding this Oaxaca salt to your dish will add a spicy earthy note to your dish and take it to a new level of uniqueness in taste and texture. 

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Grasshopper Salt caster for mezcal and tequila. Agave worm salt or traditional spice for tequila, cocktails and salsa, dried worm, Expiry 24 months, Country of origin: Mexico. Spruce wood cube for restaurants and bars with name engraving according to the client's wishes.

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