Flor de Sal with lower pungency for nasal rituals 1000g


Flor De Sal Zakanub. Edible salt from seafood from sea foam. Salt obtained by evaporating seawater in a unique Mexican volcanic habitat. Ideal for nasal rituals, with lower pungency and acridity, which irritates less nasal mucose. 


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Salt from the Cuyutlan Lagoon in the Mexican state of Colima with low sodium content, ideal for diabetics, hypertension and kidney failure problems. No chemical additive is added to the salt and its production is purely natural. While common sea salt is produced throughout the year, Flor de Sal is produced in May and June. When the sun is behind its zenith, a thin layer of salt crystals is harvested and from 3 to 7 o'clock through the sieve in gentle movements to prevent the salt from sinking to the bottom. The salt does not contain toxic substances such as nitrates and contains trace elements with a low content of hypotonic sodium. 

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