Chilli Pasilla Flor, sun dried, whole pieces, 200g


Pasilla (chile pasilla) or "little raisin" correctly refers to the dried chilaca pepper, a popular Mexican chili pepper. Fresh chilaca peppers are also known as pasilla bajio or chile negro or "Mexican black" because they start out dark green but end up dark brown. It usually grows to a length of 8 to 10 cm, with a SHU of 2000.


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Pasilla peppers are very popular in Mexican cuisine and cooking, especially for preparing sauces such as moles, table sauces and salsas. Peppers are also ground into powder for similar purposes or used as a spice. Many Mexican peppers are dried for culinary purposes, earning them a whole new name because their taste, properties and uses have completely changed.

Pasilla peppers have a rich smoky flavor and earthy flavor, and often appear dried whole or powdered in Mexican salsas, as well as mole and adobo sauces. Pasilla can also make a standard red chili enchilada sauce taste and look interesting. It is also popular in combination with fruit or as a side dish with duck, seafood, lamb, mushrooms, garlic, fennel, honey or oregano.


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