Chilli Mulato, sun-dried, whole pieces 400g


Chilli Mulato, sun-dried, whole pieces 400g


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The mulato chilli is one of the two dried varieties of the poblano chilli. Mulato peppers are dried fully mature poblanos. Poblanos that are harvested early and dried are called ancho chillis. The mulato is flat and wrinkled. It is always brownish or black in color.The Mulato pepper is a mild to medium dried poblano, similar to the ancho pepper. as the ancho is a poblano that ripens to a deep red, while the mulato is a poblano that ripens to brown and only then is dried, with Scoville Heat Units reaching 2,500-3,000 SHU. 

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Pasilla (chile pasilla) or "little raisin" correctly refers to the dried chilaca pepper, a popular Mexican chili pepper. Fresh chilaca peppers are also known as pasilla bajio or chile negro or "Mexican black" because they start out dark green but end up dark brown. It usually grows to a length of 8 to 10 cm, with a SHU of 2000.

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