Korean hot sauce with carbonara flavor


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Korean hot sauce with carbonara flavor

Ingredients: Milk powder ( soy , wheat , celery), water, corn syrup, soy sauce ( wheat ), artificial chicken flavor ( soy, wheat ), butter sauce flavor ( milk, soy ), garlic, soy oil, cheese sauce ( milk , soy, wheat, nuts ), decolorized chili extract, onion, paprika extract, green tea flavored oil.

Instructions for preparation: Add the sauce to any meat or tofu while cooking. It is also great as a flavoring for noodles , rice or beans !

Energy value per 100g
Energy 1394 kJ/333 kcal
Fats 16.7g
saturated from it 8.3g
Carbohydrates 33.3g
of which sugars 33.3g
Proteins 5g
Salt 1.3g

This dish is for lovers of spicy food. (Not suitable for children!)

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