Amaranth  & Cardamom 100g - 2 Amaranth  & Cardamom 100g - 2

Amaranth & Cardamom 100g

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Amaranth  & Cardamom 100g

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The ancient Mexicans called it amaranth or huautli. Along with corn and beans, licorice was the basis of the diet of the ancient Mexicans. Due to the fact that Amaranth grain was used in religious rituals, the Spanish conquerors decided to fight against its cultivation. However, the drink has survived to this day in the jungles of Tabasca and Chiapas. La Prove is probably the only importer of this drink in Europe. Drink mixed with 100% natural cocoa is an ancient drink with high nutritional value, which is served on hot days with cold water, but it can also be drunk with milk or hot water. It contains proteins, essential amino acids, high levels of fiber, calcium, potassium and other elements.

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