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Norte - Sur Coffee, arabica blend from Mexico-Brazil, 700g glass jar

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Coffee Norte - Sur. Blend of 100% arabica from cloud forest of Eastern Mexico and plantations on atlantic coast of Brazil.Medium roast. Sweeter taste with elements of acidity. 

Motto: Balance between sweetness and acidity, between consumption and nature. North and South combined.  


Medium roasting, balanced acidity, medium sweetness. The flavor is also characterized by sweet, honey-like tones derived from Mexican allspice cloud forests with tones of low acidity of brazilian arabica that gradually flow into a distinctive but delicious chocolate flavor.

Ideal preparation: espresso, french press, americano

Cloud forests, also called tropical cloud forests, are habitats found in intertropical mountainous regions and are characterized by high levels of precipitation, humidity, fog, mist, and high temperatures throughout the year. These ecosystems are actually very vulnerable and are formed by a dense community of trees, consisting of plants of temperate and tropical origin, with a predominance of tropical flora. The type of plant that is very abundant in these ecosystems are orchids and ferns. Because these forests develop in areas laden with dew or clouds at the flora level, the rate of sun exposure and thus water evaporation is reduced. In general, trees that grow in these forests have more shorter and heavier roots than trees that grow in areas with lower altitude and environmental humidity. This is also reflected in the quality of the coffee.

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