Raw cocoa criollo 100% from Mexico 100g.

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Criollo cocoa beans are unpeeled, sun-dried, RAW.


Our Tabasco cacao beans are the fruit of the Theobroma cacao tree and are considered a superfood. They are grown on forest plantations in the region where the Aztecs invented chocolate and where the cacao tree has the most valuable genetic makeup. The beans are hand-picked and dried in the sun, they are not heat-treated and do not contain additives. Their essence is the basis for the most valuable chocolate. They can be eaten on their own, mixed with dried fruit, added in lumps or ground to ice creams, milk or desserts. Ingredients: unroasted cocoa beans (100%).

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Data sheet

Country of origin
Apexage s.r.o.
Net Weight (g)
100 gr
In a dry, dark place at a temperature of up to 18c.
Best Before
12 months

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