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Chocolate Habanero (20g) smoked in a stainless steel can with a magnet on the back to fix on the fridge

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The Habanero Chocolate chili pepper comes from the state of Michoacan in central Mexico.


It is characterized by dark fruits and a high heat of 570,000 SHU. From the Capsicum chinense jacq series. native to Mexico, known as the black habanero. This is an ancient variety. Black habanero has an exotic and unusual flavor and is hotter than regular habanero s rating between 400,000 and 600,000 Scoville units. Food name: Chilli Chocolate Net amount: 20g Ingredients: chili chocolate. Country of origin: Czech Republic Amount of main ingredient in percentage: 100% Storage method: in a dry, dark place at a temperature of up to 18oC Stainless steel magnetic spice rack. Store spices in a jar with a magnetic back and attach it to the fridge. The jar is made of stainless steel and comes with a transparent lid. You will always have your favorite spices at hand in the spice racks, which you can place on the kitchen counter, fridge or wall. For easy cooking and tasty meals! · Roots with a strong magnetic bottom · Adjustable size holes · Practical transparent lids · High quality stainless steel · Dimensions: Diameter: 6.4 cm Height: 4 cm Weight: 64 g

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