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Grasshopper Salt & Worm Salt 2x15g

Grasshopper Salt & Worm Salt for mezcal and tequila 2x15g

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Grasshopper Salt & Worm salt. Agave worm salt or traditional spice for tequila, cocktails and salsa, dried worm, Expiry 24 months, Country of origin: Mexico. Spruce wood cube for restaurants and bars with name engraving according to the client's wishes.


Ideal with cocktails as a tasty condiment, with fresh fruit, tequila, mezcal, micheladas or as an ingredient in traditional Mexican recipes. Rim of a margarita, mescal and much more. Use for exotic salads. A pre-Hispanic ingredient, chapulinas have been consumed by people from the Oaxacan region for thousands of years. The salt is a tasty mixture of chili peppers, chapulinas (grasshoppers) and salt. Adding this oaxaca salt to your dish will add a savory earthy note to your dish pushing it to a new level of uniqueness in flavor and texture. With more and more of the western world embracing the sustainable practice of consuming insects as a viable food source, salt is a great introduction to this way of consumption.

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