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Mexican marzipan De La Rosa 28x30g

Mexican marzipan De La Rosa 28x30g

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Mexican marzipan De La Rosa, 28x30g. Then the spicy textures of Mazapan will almost melt in your mouth, creating a divine blend between the sweet, nutty taste of cocoa and the light and creamy textures of candy. A whole delicious experience. De la Rosa's Mazapan is the perfect choice for any party or traditional piñata, or just to eat for dessert wherever you are!


Hardly anyone doesn't love marzipan. These desserts, with their smooth texture, delicate but well-defined flavor, and memories, can take us back to our childhood days. One of Mexico's most popular treats comes in a delicious, soft candy made from crunchy, flavorful peanuts. De la Rosa brings us this old traditional Mexican treat in a round tiny shape. Perfect for take out or for dessert anytime! Its clear case starts to sound so delightful just by opening the package. You'll soon feel the soft and light texture of Mexican peanut candy that doesn't seem to weigh anything over your hands.

Nutritional Information /
Nährwertangaben  (per/pro)

100 g

Energy / Brennwert

464 kcal /
1939 kJ

Fat / Fett

17,9 g

of which saturated /
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren

3,6 g

Carbohydrates / Kohlenhydrate

64,3 g

of which sugars / davon Zucker

53,6 g

Protein / Eiweiß

10,7 g

Salt / Salz

0,018 g

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