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Pinole is a traditional Mexican super-nutrition product for ultra performance. It is roasted ground corn mixed with roasted cocoa, sugar and cinnamon. Western audience got familiarized with in a bestseller Born To Run by McDouglas. 

 Amaranth is one of the false cereals and was already cultivated by the ancient Maya, Aztecs and Incas. Due to its high nutritional value and undemanding cultivation, it is called the crop of the third millennium.It contains proteins, fiber, quality oils, minerals and vitamins.


AMARANT is a naturally gluten-free ingredient.


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Pinole is a traditional Mexican food made from ground, toasted maize (corn) kernels. The maize is typically cooked in water with lime, a process known as nixtamalization, which removes the outer hull and makes the kernels more digestible and nutritious. The cooked maize is then dried and ground into a fine powder, which can be used in a variety of ways.

The resulting powder is used as an ingredient with high nutritional value for the production of various foods such as cereals, pastries, tortillas and beverages. The name comes from Nahuatl and means cornmeal.

Pinole can be mixed with cold or hot water or milk to make a nutritious beverage, or it can be used as a base for other foods such as bread, cakes, and tamales. It is also sometimes used as a thickener or flavoring agent in stews and soups.

Pinole has a nutty, slightly sweet flavor and a coarse texture. It is high in fiber, protein, and other nutrients, making it a popular food for athletes and others who need sustained energy. It has been a staple food in Mexico for centuries and is still enjoyed today in many traditional dishes. 

The tribe Rarámuri, means "those who run fast" in their uto-aztec tongue. With widely dispersed settlements, these tribes developed a culture of long - distance running, reaching up to 320 km in one session, over a period of two days, for inter-village communication as well as transportation, and turkey or deer hunting.

There must be a reason why Rarámuri runners, considered the best long-distance runners in the world, use it for centuries. Probably the balance between nutrients and its digestion provides good results. Pinole with cacao and cinnamon belongs to the most gentle and most efficient types of pinole. To be drunk with water or milk or as a powder. 



The ancient Mexicans called amaranth huautlí. Along with corn and beans, it was a kinder staple of the diet of ancient Mexicans. Since the amaranth grain was  used in religious rituals, the Spanish conquistadors decided to fight against its cultivation.  However, the drink has survived to this day in the jungles of Tabasco and Chiapas. La Prove is probably the only one  importer of this drink in Europe. The drink mixed with 100% natural cocoa is an ancient drink  with high nutritional value, which is served on hot days with cold water, but can also be drunk with milk or hot water.



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