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Mexican salt from dried worms and grasshoppers for mezcal or tequila 10g in ampoule and spirale holder (PLA, 10X10X7CM).


Mexican salt from dried worms and grasshoppers for mezcal or tequila 10g in ampoule and spirale holder (PLA, 10X10X7CM).


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Classic products for tequila and mezcal and for salsas. Made from the larvae that inhabit the agave plant, worm salt is a spicy-salty condiment that includes roasted and ground "worms", pepper and salt, and is traditionally served with orange slices as an accompaniment to Mezcal. The worms live their entire lives on the plant, so they are in fact concentrated in "agave". Oaxacan grasshoppers also feed on agave plants during their life cycle. To make worm salt, the larvae are toasted and then ground into a powder. This powder is then mixed with salt and sometimes additional ingredients like ground chili peppers to create a flavorful and savory condiment. The distinctive flavor of the worms, which is often described as earthy and slightly nutty, adds a unique twist to the salt. Mezcal, a distilled alcoholic beverage made from the agave plant, is sometimes served with a slice of orange and a side of worm salt. The traditional way to enjoy it is to lick the orange slice, take a sip of mezcal, and then follow it with a pinch of the worm salt. The combination of flavors enhances the overall drinking experience for some people. While the use of worm salt and the inclusion of actual worms in mezcal bottles are traditional practices, they are not universally followed, and opinions on them can vary. Some consider them integral to the experience, while others may find them an acquired taste or prefer to enjoy their mezcal without these elements.

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Grasshopper Salt caster for mezcal and tequila. Agave worm salt or traditional spice for tequila, cocktails and salsa, dried worm, Expiry 24 months, Country of origin: Mexico. Spruce wood cube for restaurants and bars with name engraving according to the client's wishes.

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