3x Mexican Habanero Jaguar 2g in a phosphorescent skull that glows in the dark.


Mexican Habanero Jaguar phosphorescent skull. 2g + 2g + 2g in a stylish skull 9x6x5cm x 40g. Glows in the dark for several hours after being exposed to light. 


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Spice up your dishes with Mexican Habanero skull. The perfect addition to any meat, this 2g + 2g + 2g spices will transport your taste buds to Mexico with every use. Use it to add a little kick to your favorite regional cuisine dishes or experiment with new recipes. This high-quality product is sure to please even the most discerning of taste buds. 

 The Habanero Jaguar chili pepper comes from Yucatan, where it was bred in 2006 by Mexican scientists.

The material of the skull is phosphorescent. In fluorescence, the emission is basically immediate and therefore generally only visible, if the light source is continuously on (such as UV lights); while phosphorescent material can store the absorbed light energy for some time and release light later, resulting in an afterglow that persists after the light has been switched off. Depending on the material, this afterglow can last anywhere from a few seconds to hours

SHU heat level: 350,000 SHU

Weight: 2 g

 Skull 8x5x4cm 40g (PLA)



Store in a dry place, protect from heat and direct sunlight.


Apexage, spol. s.r.o., Sokolovská 104/85, 18600, Czech Republic


The preparation is suitable for direct consumption

Chili Nutritional values

100 g 1 serving

200 g % DV

Energy 49 kcal 99 kcal 2%

207 kJ 414 kJ

Protein 1.6 g 3.2 g 2%

Carbohydrates 6.1 g 12.2 g 7%

of which sugars 4.5 g 9 g

Fats 0.4 g 0.8 g 1%

saturated 0.01 g 0.02 g

unsaturated not specified not specified

Fiber not specified not specified

Salt 11.8 g 23.6 g

100 Items

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