Silphium Garum X remake of ancient roman salsa 220ml with salsa rack 13x6x5 cm (PLA)


Silphium Garum X remake of ancient roman salsa 220ml with salsa rack 13x6x5 cm (PLA)


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Sauce based on mix of chosen chilies, fennel, allspice, fleur de sel, vinegar. Thanks to the salsa rack, the sediment will fall towards the side of the bottle, preventing spillage when you pop the cork.It will also interact better with the content than when concentrated in the bottom of the bottle. 


Original Silphium Garum was a type of fermented fish sauce that was popular in ancient Rome. It was made from the juice of the silphium plant, which was known for its medicinal properties and was also used as a contraceptive. Silphium garum was highly prized for its strong flavor and was used as a condiment in various dishes. However, the silphium plant went extinct in the 1st century AD, leading to the decline and eventual disappearance of silphium garum. Today, there are no known authentic recipes or samples of this ancient fish sauce.

Producer: Apexage s.r.o., Sokolovská 104/85-626, Praha 8, 18600, Česká Republika. Store in cold, dark, dry places.

Contents:vinegar,water,salt,fennel, mix of chosen chillies, allspice

Content of the most important ingredient: 40% vinegar

100g 1 serving

150g % DDD

Energy 21 kcal 32 kcal 1%

89 kJ 133.5 kJ

Proteins 2.4 g 3.6 g 4%

Carbohydrates 2.3 g 3.45 g 3%

of which sugars 0.6 g 0.9 g

Fats 0.5g 0.75g 1%

saturated 0 g 0 g

Salt 14.4 g 21.6 g

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