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Flor de Sal for nasal cleaning and yoga rituals with lower sodium content (32%) 100g including rhino horn


Flor De Sal Zakanub. Edible salt from sea vapors from sea foam. Salt obtained by evaporating seawater in a unique Mexican volcanic biotope. Ideal for nasal irrigation and yoga rituals due to its mild taste with less burning and pungency than regular salt, which causes a more pleasant experience in the already rather uncomfortable sensations of nasal irrigation. Contains a jug for nasal irrigation. 15x3.5cm, 22g (PLA).


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Rhino Horn is a device that enables natural and gentle cleaning of the nose. It is largely inspired by the rituals of Ayurvedic medicine and the cleansing process of yoga practitioners, for whom cleaning the nose with "jala neti" is a necessary step to start the day well. Pour a dose (the equivalent of a level teaspoon) of natural salt without additives. Fill the Rhino Horn with warm water (about 37°C) and stir gently to dissolve the salt. Place the mouthpiece against the least blocked nostril to prevent leakage. Breathe normally through your mouth and bend slightly over the sink. Turn your head to the side and tuck your chin. Water flows through one nostril and out the other. When half of the water is drained, remove the Rhino Horn and straighten the head. Pinch one nostril, then the other, and blow gently to expel the remaining water. Repeat on the other nostril. After washing, ensure that no water remains in the nose and sinuses. Empty and rinse the Rhino Horn and let it air dry. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor or ask your pharmacist for advice.

Certified low sodium Cuyutlan lagoon salt in the Mexican state of Colima, ideal for diabetics, hypertension and kidney failure problems. No chemical additives are added to the salt and its production is purely natural. While regular sea salt is produced throughout the year, Flor de Sal is produced in May and June. When the sun is behind the zenith, a thin layer of salt crystals is harvested and from 3 to 7 o'clock with gentle movements through a sieve so that the salt does not sink to the bottom. The salt does not contain toxic substances such as nitrates and contains trace elements with a low content of hypotonic sodium. Stabilizes irregular heartbeat and regulates blood pressure. It balances excessive acidity in the body (known as free radicals) and blood sugar levels, is important in the absorption of nutrients, normalizes bacterial flora, blocks heartburn, contributes to the smooth flow of mucus in the respiratory tract, helps to clean the lungs and clears the sinuses. It is a powerful natural antihistamine. It prevents muscle spasms, stabilizes the imbalance of calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium ions, prevents excessive production of saliva, strengthens bones, regulates sleep, balances the biochemical stability of melatonin and the brain, prevents varicose veins, supplies the body with minerals and basic. trace elements.

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