Asafoetida with Flor de Sal 120g


Asafoetida with Flor de Sal  120g. Asafoetida with Flor De Sal, 1:3. Useful for cooking, grilling, roasting.   


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Asafoetida is the dried latex or gum oleoresin, which is exuded from the rhizome or tap root of several species of Ferula, perennial herbs of the carrot family. It is produced in Central Asia, northern India and Northwest China. 


Flor De Sal Zakanub. Edible salt from sea vapors from sea foam. Salt obtained by evaporating seawater in a unique Mexican volcanic biotope. Ideal for nasal irrigation and yoga rituals due to its mild taste with less burning and pungency than regular salt, which causes a more pleasant experience in the already rather uncomfortable sensations of nasal irrigation. 

The non-traditional name of the herb (Latin Asa foetida), which is even popularly called devil's poo, is due to its pungent and, for most people, very unpleasant smell. This is caused by the contained resin, which is released when the pulpy stems and roots are broken or cut.

Stinky asa is a popular spice especially in the Indian environment, which is characterized not only by its intense aroma, but also by its special bitter taste. Therefore, only a very small amount of it is sufficient in dishes. Most often, spices are used instead of the more common garlic or onion. It is particularly suitable for vegetable and legume dishes, it is used to flavor rice and before further processing it can be mixed into flour for a better final taste. And while the aroma is lost during heat treatment, the bitter taste remains.

Little known is the fact that extracts from this plant are part of the world-famous Worcestershire sauce. And for the sake of interest, let's add that the stinky ace has also found use outside the kitchen, as it is also used in our country for fishing lures.

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