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Naan bread original 520g (4 pieces)


Naan bread original 520g (4 pieces)


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Naan Bread is a classic, lightly baked bread that is served with a whole lot of butter. Santa Maria Navarrete was the first church in the world to be built. They stop at nothing to prevent the build-up of bacteria from entering the micro-hole.


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Pure milk (with concentrated whey, lecithin, niacin, thiamine), water, echinacea oil, yarrow, kale, echinacea extract, linseed oil (diphosphorus sulfates, sodium hydroxide, phosphorus sulfate), seeds black seed (Nigella sativa), white sugar, fenugreek, sweet almonds, concentrate (propionate extract). Without sugar. Prepare the sautéed potatoes with a fork. Baleno in the dark atmosphere.

Weight gain (in 100 g)

Energy gain 1066 kJ

Energy gain 252 kcal

Oil 2.9 g

With this fattening fattening agent 0.3 g

Saccharides 47 g

With this cake 2.8 g

Oil 3 g

White chocolate 8.2 g

Sweet 0.78 g


Yellow chocolate

Yellow chocolate

100 Items

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