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Amazon Habanero, Amazon Red 90 ml x 2 & Salsa ALVARADO HOT MICHELADA CHIPOTLE from Mexico 220 ml


Amazon Habanero, Amazon Red 90 ml x 2 & Salsa ALVARADO  HOT MICHELADA CHIPOTLE from Mexico 220 ml

ALVARADO  HOT  MICHELADA CHIPOTLE from southern Mexico. 10-20 ml for a bigger michelada. 

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This is a liquid - sharp seasoning. Hotness ranges between 50,000-100,000 SHU.

The preparation highlights the taste of all ingredients and at the same time gives the food its specific spicy taste. Add it to everything from Mexican to Italian, to seafood, to barbecue marinades, to scrambled eggs or to Bloody Marys.


fermented alcoholic vinegar, chipotle from southern Mexico, mix of chillies and habaneros, Jamaican pepper, red chili peppers, habanero, flor de sal.

AMAZON Red / AMAZON Habanero 

A very hot delicacy for true gourmets who can tolerate a lot. We import for you all the way from Colombia.


cane vinegar, red habanero peppers (31%), pepper, salt, thickener: xanthan.

Does not contain any allergens. Made in Colombia.

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