Smoked Chilli Chipotle in glass 20g



Smoked Chilli Chipotle in glass 20g


Medium-sharp chillies are characterized by a strong pleasant taste with deep smoky tones, which, despite the sweet aroma, turn into an earthy burning, which lasts for several minutes. Chipotles are hotter than, for example, anaheim or poblano peppers, but softer than cayenne pepper or serrano peppers.

Jalapeños are harvested when they are still green, but they are ripened to a nice red color to make chipotles. They are collected only when they are almost dry. They are then placed on metal grids on which they smoke. The result is dried, dark brown and smoke-smelling chili peppers.

These peppers can be used whole or as flakes or powder. Sometimes tomatoes, onions, spices and vinegar are added to create a sauce called "adobo".

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