Cardamom 3g ground



Cardamom 3g ground 


Cardamom was already known to the ancient Greeks and Romans as a spice and medicine. In our country, it is less known as a separate spice. It was and still is most popular in the countries of the Orient, where it is a widely used spice and is added to tea and coffee. Originally from the Cardamom Mountains in the Ghana Mountains of southwestern India, this massive tropical herbaceous shrub is currently grown in the humid forests of India, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, Tanzania, China, and Latin America (Guatemala) at altitudes of about 1,000 m. n m..Fruits are capsules that contain a large number of seeds. Depending on the method of processing, we know bleached and unbleached cardamom, whole or even ground. Cardamom seeds have a strong camphorous aroma and a burning taste. It is added to tea in the Middle East and coffee to Egypt. In our country, it is most often used in pastries (gingerbread, cakes) and a small amount in sausages.

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