Mexican Worm Salt from grasshopper 5g



Mexican Worm Salt from dried grasshopper 5g. 


Sal de Chapulin Wormsalt, as it is known in its native Mexico, is a traditional spice for tequila, cocktails and salsa.  Sal de Chapulin made of SPHENARIUM PURPURASCENS grasshopper. Ancient mexican condiment for tequila, mezcal, salsas. 

The salt is sea salt from the coast of Colima, Mexico. If you drink mezcal, you shouldn't miss the Sal de Chapulin. Licking the lime and salt off the palm of your hand can be done without. We recommend lime or orange wedges that are dipped into the salt. Take a sip of mezcal and bite into the carving - a really special taste experience!

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