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Worm Salt with Habanero Jaguar and Smoked Habanero Chocolate

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Worm Salt with Habanero Jaguar and Smoked Habanero Chocolate 

Mexican salt from dried worms and grasshoppers. Classic products for tequila and mezcal and for salsas.

Made from the larvae that inhabit the agave plant, worm salt is a spicy-salty condiment that includes roasted and ground "worms", chili and salt, and is traditionally served with orange slices as an accompaniment to Mezcal. The worms live their whole lives in the plant, so they are de facto concentrated "agave". Oaxaca grasshoppers also feed on agave plants during their life cycle.

The Habanero Chocolate chili pepper comes from the state of Michoacan in central Mexico. It is characterized by dark fruits and a high heat of 570,000 SHU. From the Capsicum chinense jacq series. originally from Mexico, known as black habanero. This is an ancient variety. The black habanero has an exotic and unusual taste and is hotter than the regular habanero with a rating between 400,000 and 600,000 Scoville units. Habanero Jaguar comes from Yucatan, where it was bred by Mexican scientists in 2006. 350,000 SHU. 

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