Pocket Kola Nut Box with kola nuts natural energy for drivers 30g


Pocket Kola Nut Box with kola nuts natural energy for drivers 30g


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Pocket Kola Nut Box with kola nuts grains  with natural coffeine for drivers 30g.  Sour as hell. Will wake you up. Natural dry kola nut beans from Africa. Kola seeds were already used in marketing in the 19th century, when John Pemberton came to the market with a wine drink containing extracts of coca and St. John's wort. Over the years and American Prohibition, soda was added to the drink and the new drink Coca-Cola was created. Another important milestone in the history of Kolovnik was the production of the German energy chocolate Scho-ka-kola, which began production in 1935 and is still produced today.

St. John's wort is most important in the pharmaceutical industry, where it is used in the production of stimulant preparations (cola wine, tablets, capsules,...). In the food industry, it is used to make refreshing drinks. In traditional African medicine, it is sought after for its stimulating effect, in case of lethargy, loss of energy and mental retardation. In West Africa, pine nuts are prescribed for erectile dysfunction and mental problems (depression, anxiety, frustration,...). These fruits can be roasted, chewed or added to various drinks such as tea, milk or coffee. The stimulating effect of St. John's wort is further sought after all over the world.

The fruits contain around 2-3% caffeine and other associated alkaloids that support the effect of caffeine itself. It has the desired stimulating effect, acts as a diuretic (ie it helps to form and excrete urine, therefore it is advisable to follow a drinking regime) and increases alertness in the short term and stimulates the nervous system. The proportion of tannins is most involved in suppressing diarrhea and intestinal problems, as they work similarly to disinfection.

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