Pocket Guarana Box with guarana grains natural healthy energy for office people managers and drivers 30g


Pocket Guarana Box with guarana grains for natural healthy energy for office people managers, or drivers 30g. Dry grains for chewing in a practical pocket box.  


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Guarana – Paulinia cupana seeds contains caffeine, which helps increase alertness and improve concentration. Guarana supports the body's natural defenses. and physical and psychological vitality of a person. It supplies energy in times of fatigue and tension, has an effect on fat metabolism, affects and helps to normalize weight. It is very effective in reduction diets - it helps to keep our weight under control.

Whole guarana seed is not very common in our market. The whole seed contains approximately 4% caffeine, which is almost twice as much as coffee. In addition, due to the content of theophylline and theobromine, it works much longer (up to 5 hours) and the effect is not so aggressive.

Guarana – Paullinia cupana is among the strongest legal stimulants. It is non-addictive and very gentle.

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