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Dehydrated roasted green...
Price Kč189.00

Made with tomatoes, onion, coriander, chilies and other spices; without preservatives, since all the ingredients are dehydrated. By adding hot water they resume the smell and flavor of a rich traditional Mexican sauce.

Grasshopper Salt caster for...
Price Kč259.00

Grasshopper Salt caster for mezcal and tequila. Agave worm salt or traditional spice for tequila, cocktails and salsa, dried worm, Expiry 24 months, Country of origin: Mexico. Spruce wood cube for restaurants and bars with name engraving according to the client's wishes.

Salsa Perrita + Alvarado...
Price Kč399.00

Perrita Salsa from southern Mexico. mix of chillies and herbs • flor de sal • chipotle • jamaican pepper • •40 ml 

Salsa ALVARADO  HOT CHIPOTLE . mix of chillies • flor de sal • chipotle • jamaican pepper • 40 ml