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Salsa Recipy

Salsa Recipy

In Mexico, a spicy sauce is generally prepared to accompany the dishes, if

is that these are not a sauce in themselves. For example, sauces are made to accompany cuts of meat, chicken, rice, and it is basically essential for dishes that contain a corn tortilla, such as the famous tacos, quesadillas, sopes and a variety of other foods that we will tell you about. .

Mexican sauces are as varied as the species of chilies, they can be made with raw, cooked or roasted ingredients, and with dried or fresh chili peppers, and will generally be made with four base ingredients, which are red tomato or green tomato, with onion, garlic and salt, and many will also have coriander.

We will leave you a simple recipe that you can make at home, and you can make it with dried chilies from LA PROVE or with raw chilies, which could well be substituted with hot peppers, wherever they are, and although grinding the sauces in a molcajete they give them a unique flavor, a blender will be a great replacement for grinding these.


4 dried chili peppers from La Prove.

2 red tomatoes

¼ medium onion

1 clove garlic

2 pinches of salt

1 sprig of fresh coriander (optional)


1.-In a frying pan, roast the tomatoes, you must turn them every time their skin is toasted or darkened and you must remove when the tomatoes are completely roasted and cooked.

2.-Place the La Prove dried chiles in a small saucepan with water, and put over medium heat until they are soft, the water will show the color of the chili, and by the way, we recommend that you save it, as it will serve to give the correct consistency to your sauce.

3.-Subsequently, you must remove the peduncle from the chiles (or tail as they are called in Mexico), but be careful not to remove the veins or pulp, as this is what will also spice up the sauce.

4-Immediately you must place all the ingredients in your blender, you must add half a cup of water and blend.

5.-You can choose between a medium grind in which only the ingredients with a consistency similar to a jam are crushed, or you can choose a fine grind that gives a consistency similar to that of sour cream, if you think it is very dry , you can add more water, we recommend that it be boiled water, because for some reason, it will give it a better flavor.


And if you want to try chili peppers (or fresh peppers as an option), you will have two options, and for this you will have to replace step "2A" with step "2B" or "2C"

2B- Roast 4 or 6 pieces of chili peppers or fresh chili peppers in a pan, we recommend having your windows open or your stove hood working, as the smell of roasted chili will cause you to cough. As soon as the skin of the chili peppers begins to peel off and take on a black color, they will be roasted and ready to use, of course always removing the stem

2C Place the fresh chilies without the peduncle, and grind with the roasted tomato and the rest of the ingredients.

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