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Silphium Garum X remake of ancient roman salsa 280ml

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Silphium Garum X. Remake of ancient roman salsa 280ml. 

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Salsa based on mix of chosen chilies, fennel, allspice, flor de sal, vinagre. 

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Pinole is a traditional Mexican semi-finished product. It is roasted ground corn mixed with roasted cocoa, sugar and cinnamon. Western audience got familiarized with in a bestseller Born To Run by McDouglas. Although it is not a particularly tasty mix, there must be a reason why Rarámuri runners, considered the best long-distance runners in the world, use it for centuries. Probably the balance between nutrients and its digestion provides good results. 


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In 1868, Edmund McIlhenny mixed his own recipe for pepper sauce with fully ripened red peppers, salt from Avery Island, Louisiana, and high-quality distilled vinegar. Burning: approx. 2500 - 5000 SHU.

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