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15 seeds of Bhut Jolokia pepper (1050000 SHU)

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15 seeds of Bhut Jolokia pepper (1050000 SHU)

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Bhut Jolokia pepper was for a long time (until 2007) the hottest pepper in the world. It is native to Bangladesh and northeastern India. It is also known as Naga Jolokia or Ghost chilli. The taste of the ripe fruit can be characterized as initially dry, with a distinct fruity touch and with the rapid onset of a very sharp pungency. Peppers are used for cooking Indian dishes, for pickling or for drying and preparing extremely hot sauces. Their exceptional taste also stands out well in desserts. Our own Bhut Jolokia selection is slightly earlier and less vigorous than similar varieties of this type. Nevertheless, in our climatic conditions we recommend them especially for growing in greenhouses and foil covers, where they ripen really reliably. They grow here luxuriantly and require sufficiently high support. When grown in open ground, the plants are significantly smaller, and we have to wait until the end of August for the first fully ripe fruits - it is also necessary to expect a lower total yield.

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Orc's Spices is a fiery blend of authentic Mexican flavors, featuring Chilli del Arbol, allspice, and Habanero Jaguar. This 100g jar also contains fleur de sel, perfect for adding a kick to your home-cooked dishes and worm (Tenebrio Monitor). Explore the vibrant tastes of Mexico with Orc's Spices.

Mexican salt from dried worms and grasshoppers with habanero. Classic products for tequila and mezcal and for salsas.

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Grasshopper Salt with chilli is a traditional spice for mezcal, tequila, cocktails and salsa. Mexican Salt of Dried Worms. Worm salt is a spicy-salty condiment that includes roasted and "worms", pepper and salt, and is traditionally served with orange slices as an accompaniment to Mezcal.

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Pinole is a traditional Mexican semi-finished product. It is roasted ground corn mixed with roasted cocoa, sugar and cinnamon. Western audience got familiarized with in a bestseller Born To Run by McDouglas. Although it is not a particularly tasty mix, there must be a reason why Rarámuri runners, considered the best long-distance runners in the world, use it for centuries. Probably the balance between nutrients and its digestion provides good results. 


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A Pinole egy hagyományos mexikói félkész termék. Pörkölt őrölt kukorica, pörkölt kakaóval, cukorral és fahéjjal keverve. A nyugati közönség McDouglas Born To Run című bestsellerében ismerkedett meg. Bár nem egy kifejezetten ízletes keverék, biztos oka van annak, hogy a világ legjobb hosszútávfutóinak tartott Rarámuri futók évszázadok óta használják. Valószínűleg a tápanyagok és annak emésztése közötti egyensúly jó eredményeket ad.


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In 1868, Edmund McIlhenny mixed his own recipe for pepper sauce with fully ripened red peppers, salt from Avery Island, Louisiana, and high-quality distilled vinegar. Burning: approx. 2500 - 5000 SHU.

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