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Smoked Chilli Chipotle entire 500g

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Smoked Chilli Chipotle entire 500g

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Medium-sharp chili peppers are characterized by a strong pleasant taste with deep smoky tones. Despite the sweet scent, they turn into an earthy burning sensation that lasts for several minutes. Chipotles are hotter than anaheim or poblano peppers, but softer than cayenne pepper or serrano.

Jalapeños are collected when they are still green. For the production of chipotles, they ripen to a nice red color. They are collected only when they are almost dry. They are then placed on metal grids on which they smoke. The result is dried, dark brown and smoke-smelling chili peppers.

These peppers can be used whole or as flakes or powder. Sometimes tomatoes, onions, spices and vinegar are added to create a sauce called "adobo".

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Orc's Spices is a fiery blend of authentic Mexican flavors, featuring Chilli del Arbol, allspice, and Habanero Jaguar. This 100g jar also contains fleur de sel, perfect for adding a kick to your home-cooked dishes and worm (Tenebrio Monitor). Explore the vibrant tastes of Mexico with Orc's Spices.

Mexican salt from dried worms and grasshoppers with habanero. Classic products for tequila and mezcal and for salsas.

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Pinole este un semifabricat tradițional mexican. Este porumb macinat prajit amestecat cu cacao prajita, zahar si scortisoara. Publicul occidental s-a familiarizat cu un bestseller Born To Run de McDouglas. Deși nu este un amestec deosebit de gustos, trebuie să existe un motiv pentru care alergătorii Rarámuri, considerați cei mai buni alergători de fond din lume, îl folosesc de secole. Probabil că echilibrul dintre nutrienți și digestia acestuia oferă rezultate bune.


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