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Grasshopper Salt & Worm Salt for mezcal and tequila 2x15g

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Grasshopper Salt with chilli is a traditional spice for mezcal, tequila, cocktails and salsa. Mexican Salt of Dried Worms. Worm salt is a spicy-salty condiment that includes roasted and "worms", pepper and salt, and is traditionally served with orange slices as an accompaniment to Mezcal.

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  • Ideal with cocktails as a tasty condiment

  • with fresh fruit

  • for tequila, mezcal, micheladas

  • rim of a margarita, and much more.

  • use for exotic salads.

A pre-Hispanic ingredient, worms and chapulinas have been consumed by people from the Oaxacan region for thousands of years. The salt is a tasty mixture of chili peppers, chapulinas (grasshoppers) and salt. Adding this Oaxaca salt to your dish will add a savory earthy note to your dish pushing it to a new level of uniqueness in flavor and texture. With more and more of the western world embracing the sustainable practice of consuming insects as a viable food source, salt is a great introduction to this way of consumption. Mezcal: Mezcal is a traditional Mexican distilled alcoholic beverage made from the agave plant. It is similar to tequila but differs in the type of agave used, the production process, and the regions where it is produced. Mezcal has a smoky and complex flavor profile, and it is often enjoyed neat or in cocktails. It has gained popularity both in Mexico and internationally, and its production is regulated by the Mexican government to ensure quality and authenticity. Sal de chapulín: "Sal de chapulín" refers to a seasoning made from ground grasshoppers (chapulines), salt, lime, and sometimes additional spices. Combining mezcal with "sal de chapulín" could create a unique and adventurous flavor experience. The smokiness of mezcal may complement the tangy and savory notes of the chapulin salt. If you are interested in trying this combination, it is essential to ensure that any products you use are safe, authentic, and obtained from reliable sources.

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Orc's Spices is a fiery blend of authentic Mexican flavors, featuring Chilli del Arbol, allspice, and Habanero Jaguar. This 100g jar also contains fleur de sel, perfect for adding a kick to your home-cooked dishes and worm (Tenebrio Monitor). Explore the vibrant tastes of Mexico with Orc's Spices.

Mexican salt from dried worms and grasshoppers with habanero. Classic products for tequila and mezcal and for salsas.

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